Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My friend Cyndi sent me this link just now. The original is broke, but here's google's cache.

Despite the fact this was posted in April, I'd never read it. Wow. Just- Wow. Good piece. I'm shaking a little.

Now I want to read more of this guy.


Cpt. Midnight said...

Looks like the link is working. A very powerful piece, and I have saved a copy in case it goes down again.


Anonymous said...

Terrible as it sounds, I have to wonder if maybe it's fate that Western Civilization is meant to die out. I don't think people understand the beauty of it since they are so unwilling to sacrifice to preserve it. Maybe it's meant to fail and that the fight to bring it back will be long and hard and finally will make people treasure it for what it is. I just feel like what is coming is nothing good. I hate to be this down, but considering the upbeat, gloating here at work today, I only think people are going to learn the hard way.


Anonymous said...

Laura, may I friend you over on LJ?

Anonymous said...

sure, but I'm braver here than I am there. Simply because I'm so outnumbered...:)