Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Friends don't let friends vote Democrat....

I've just come back from doing my civic duty. I hope everyone reading this did so as well. If you didn't vote today, I don't want to hear diddly squat from you in the months to come about how the congresscritters are "ruining the country."

Nobody is ruining anything. Democracy is messy business, all those differing opinions demanding equal time and discussion. But equal time is not equivalence; indeed, some of those opinions are more valuable than others. He who screams the loudest is not always the most important, honest. And perhaps the least valuable opinion of all belongs to he who couldn't be bothered to collect his identification and show up at the polling place today. Okay, scratch that. It probably belongs to he who showed up, but still couldn't fill out his damn ballot.

A little not-so-common sense for y'all on election day. Part of me wants to cut 'n paste this link's contents into an email to every leftwing, bleeding heart, liberal friend in my address book. Nice folks, my friends. Good people, sweet people... but in some cases, damnably wrongheaded, impractical people. But I think I know what would happen if I did that. They'd see "Political linkage from the Ornithophobe, " and think, "Poor Ornithophobe- she didn't go to college. This is what happens to smart girls who don't go to college. They wind up in a Red State, raising babies, and never amount to much." And then most of them would hit delete, sight unseen.

Because every argument, every bumpersticker tag line discussed in that blog entry- I've seen them before. I've read them almost daily, in the journals and blogs and on the backs of the bumpers of so many of my friends. And whenever I see that, when I read "Bush Lied, People Died" and "No Blood For Oil," I wonder- do they really believe that stuff? Have they ever sat down, and picked through the idea logically, looking for evidence of truth or falsehood? Have they ever even ASKED a soldier who has served in Iraq, what goes on there? What we're doing there? What do they think really happened on 9/11 and have they ever considered the fates of our supporters after we pulled out of Iraq under Bush 1? Do they even give a thought to the allies we left to be plowed under into mass graves all over the country? Do they watch the news and see the same things I see every night? Have they yet realised, will they EVER realise, that militant Islam is at war with the whole world?

Or are their politics another bloodless, murky idea, that they picked up at University? Another bit of intellectual masturbation, an unproductive mental release that doesn't generate anything of substance? A bit of social affectation that doesn't really have an impact on their everyday lives?

I know without a doubt that our everyday lives will feel it, in a million ways, if the democrats have their way and pull us out of Iraq before we achieve a comprehensive victory and lasting regime change there. I don't know about you, but I'm not much looking forward to Sharia Law and wearing a burka, no matter how great I look in black. And that environment they're all so worried about won't fare particularly well if too many whackjobs get hold of nukes. Nuclear Winter is bad for the environment, y'all. It kills trees and little woodland creatures and other growing things. Of course, on the plus side, it'd probably clean up that whole "global warming" problem...

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