Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm not going to link anything here; if you want the details, head over to, or hell, just throw "CRU" "Jones" and "Mann" into a search engine. Even google can't suppress this story; throw Climategate in and you'll hit paydirt. (Of course, you won't get autosuggested.)

If you haven't read the emails, you should. They're yummy; salacious and gossipy. No, if you've any familiarity with the sort of cliquishness that goes on in academia, they won't really shock you. We've all seen stubborn bullheaded people blinded by their beliefs before, nothing new there.

But what you really need to read are the code files.

It's all a scam, anthropogenic "climate change" is bunk. We've all been had, to the tune of millions of dollars in grant money.

I started reading this crap a week ago and it's still fascinating. This is Piltdown and Lysenko all rolled into one.

If only the journalists would, you know... do a little journalism. They can spare a dozen fact checkers for Sarah Palin's book, but they can't find a few folks who know Fortran to do a little investigating?

Friday, November 20, 2009

More fun with the farm bill

You know, the more I learn about how our congress operates, the more concerned I become. Frankly? I'm starting to think amendments, insertions, and riders should be prohibited from bills under consideration. I'm also starting to think that no bill should be permitted that cannot be read by your average congresscritter in an hour. Furthermore, I think the buggers ought to be tested on every bill before they're allowed to vote on it; no pass, no vote, your constituents are shit out of luck and should've voted for a smarter human being. Better luck next time. Hey Barry, didn't you promise me that I could look at every bill coming up for vote before it hits the floor? How's that coming, any sort of ETA on when I can expect that "change"?

Just FYI, y'all ought to be checking your furniture for place-of-origin and tree species. Supposedly this asinine idea includes labeling for all wood products, including paper. I wonder if they'll have to tell us where our printer paper comes from. Or our paperback books- will they have to leave room on the back cover to tell us "this book printed from pulped garbage and 100% domestically grown American sprucewood"? Oooh. Wonder if they'll have to label the ginormous bills that congress votes on, too. Ooh. Rubber trees- will rubber stuff have to be labeled as well? Will those quarter bouncy- balls in the machines all have to have a sticker on them saying where their rubber comes from? THE LABELS! Will the label stickers all have to say what they're made out of, too?