Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh, good lord...

This man was our president for eight. years. And he's a moron. Don't they teach Biology in Arkansas high schools? Isn't he supposedly a Rhodes scholar? WTF?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad legislation on the horizon

More bad regulation on the horizon...
Is this the CPSIA for CSAs and Family Farms?

I should point out that I'm not unbiased here. Currently I supplement my child support by making cakes and pies out of my kitchen, and catering the occasional meal. In the past, I have sold off "extras" from the garden (a folding table out front with tomatoes and peppers on it, and an honor box to pay what one can) and even sold grape jelly and strawberry preserves out of my backyard. I have to wonder how this will affect churches as well- Our donated cakes and jams for the summer picnic are sold to the public. Once, a man in my parish donated a truckload of watermelons that we sold for 2.00 apiece. While Walmart and Kraft can afford these costs (and potential fines,) we can't. And I can't see myself welcoming government busybodies into my kitchen.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Bad form, Mr. President

I'm not going to bitch abt the President's policies right now. No, I don't approve of them, but that's not what this post is about. I'll deal with the politics later, right now, I'm dealing with the etiquette. At this moment, I'm heartily ashamed and embarrassed for our country.

Gordon Brown gave our president incredibly thoughtful and personal gifts, demonstrating thought and taste. His wife brought presents for the president's daughters that show class and forethought. A good gift takes into account the preferences of the recipient, and the closeness of the relationship between giver and receiver. What does it say about our president, then, that the first family gave the prime minister and his family tacky giftshop crap?

The toys they gave the boys sell for 15.00 apiece in the White House giftshop. I googled the most expensive boxsets of classic movies, and it looks like they sell for about 50.00 apiece. Let us assume the set consists of maybe 5 of such boxsets- they'd still be a bargain at 250.00. Here's hoping that the movies are in the right region-code, at least. Supposedly, it was a specially commissioned boxset-so at least some thought was expended in advance of the visit- but not much research, since apparently Gordon Brown is not big into movies.

Honestly, it looks as if about five minutes before Brown's arrival, someone went, "oh, crap, we're supposed to exchange gifts? Quick, somebody jaunt down to the giftshop and see what we can scratch up."

Mr. President, didn't your grandma bring you up better than this? Mrs. Obama, what kind of raising did YOU have? One does not put so little effort or thought into a gift for a treasured friend, and Britain is the best friend the US has in this world. You might say, we're more than friends, we're family, the UK is the mother country. Imagine that your mom comes for a visit. You know she's coming, it's not like it's a drop-in afternoon. Would YOU pick her up some junk at the giftshop five minutes before she walks through the door?

Obama can afford Wagyu beef for his cronies, but our allies get plastic crap. Lovely. This bodes Sooo well for our relationship with the UK.