Thursday, September 09, 2010

See, this is why English is a fun language...

I've had a while to think on Sarah Palin's weird little portmanteau "refudiate," and I find that I like it. It adds a single-word shade of meaning that encompasses both refutation and repudiation at one blow. But then, I'm usually happy to embrace new words into my vocabulary... they just aren't usually so highbrow. I'm partial to the dichotomy embodied in words like "shitastic" and "craptacular," for example, when attempting to express overwhelming levels of suckitude. Incidentally, I'll also say "underwhelmed" and have actually said things like, "moderately whelmed" when the occasion calls for it. My vocabulary also incorporates such phantom adjectives as "ginormous" at times.

Go ahead, pelt me in rotten vegetables or whatever. I don't care. And I'll still come out swinging with my second-person plural every time, y'all. Don't misunderestimate me.

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Soozcat said...

This is also why English has become an international language. It is capable of expressing concepts in both direct and subtle ways; it is capable of earthy profanity and sacred sublimity. It readily appropriates words and concepts from other languages, strengthening its depth of expression as it does so. And it doesn't seem to fear additions or changes to vocabulary (I'm looking at you, French language purists!).