Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm not going to link anything here; if you want the details, head over to, or hell, just throw "CRU" "Jones" and "Mann" into a search engine. Even google can't suppress this story; throw Climategate in and you'll hit paydirt. (Of course, you won't get autosuggested.)

If you haven't read the emails, you should. They're yummy; salacious and gossipy. No, if you've any familiarity with the sort of cliquishness that goes on in academia, they won't really shock you. We've all seen stubborn bullheaded people blinded by their beliefs before, nothing new there.

But what you really need to read are the code files.

It's all a scam, anthropogenic "climate change" is bunk. We've all been had, to the tune of millions of dollars in grant money.

I started reading this crap a week ago and it's still fascinating. This is Piltdown and Lysenko all rolled into one.

If only the journalists would, you know... do a little journalism. They can spare a dozen fact checkers for Sarah Palin's book, but they can't find a few folks who know Fortran to do a little investigating?

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