Sunday, April 26, 2009

Completely Non-political genealogy post

This will be a completely non-political post. I'm putting it here because Googlebots can pick this up and make it searchable, whereas they miss a good bit on the various genealogy boards. Besides, I'm not sure where I'd put a post like this on those anyway...

I have been researching the family history since 1997. Over the years, I've made contact with dozens of cousins all over the country. I've also lost contact with them the same way. People switch providers, people get divorced, people lose contact. Life happens, and we lose each other. 

My phone number has changed, but my name's the same and so's my physical address. And my nonphysical one.  I'm Nmissi at aol dot com. If you write me there, I will get it.  I've had various other addresses through the years, but that one has never gone away. I still get feedback there on really bad fanfic stories I wrote more than ten years ago; I KNOW y'all can find me! 

Here's the thing... I'd like to try to arrange a get together at some point for all the various cousins. A meet and greet, swap recipes and photographs, kind of thing. Nothing massive that needs advertising- we'd meet at my home, and by way of hospitality I might be persuaded to make lunch. I can cough up a few local relations, but for the distant cousins, I'm gonna need some help. So... I know they're out there somewhere: Leslie Shover, Karen Collier, Bobbette Givens, Ruth Prewitt... drop me an email? Let me know how to find you! 

/ATHERTON/BETHUREM/HALL/WRIGHT/WARNER commission to put names on all my photographs.

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jfleming said...

I picked up your blog via Tweetdeck. The chap who posted it is called Bluehawks. Really interesting. I too have all kinds of family as I am adopted, my children grown up. I remember giving them mobile phones and setting up their yahoo accounts but they rarely contact me! When they are even more older they will get back to me.Not to inherit anything, just remembering who they are.
thanks for posting an interesting blog