Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad legislation on the horizon

More bad regulation on the horizon...
Is this the CPSIA for CSAs and Family Farms?

I should point out that I'm not unbiased here. Currently I supplement my child support by making cakes and pies out of my kitchen, and catering the occasional meal. In the past, I have sold off "extras" from the garden (a folding table out front with tomatoes and peppers on it, and an honor box to pay what one can) and even sold grape jelly and strawberry preserves out of my backyard. I have to wonder how this will affect churches as well- Our donated cakes and jams for the summer picnic are sold to the public. Once, a man in my parish donated a truckload of watermelons that we sold for 2.00 apiece. While Walmart and Kraft can afford these costs (and potential fines,) we can't. And I can't see myself welcoming government busybodies into my kitchen.

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