Monday, March 12, 2007

The Global Warming Swindle

Some days I just LOVE Littlegreenfootballs. Today? Would be one of those days. I have heard nothing about the Channel Four Global Warming documentary. So I didn't get a chance to be properly upset that I haven't seen it mentioned on the news, before tripping over the whole damn thing on LGF.

It's entertaining. It's well made. And it's intelligent, informative, and incredibly daring in this time of anthropogenic global warming mass hysteria. I can't believe they were brave enough to air this in Britain.

I am not going to argue the issue with anyone else ever again. Henceforth, when someone annoys me with their ignorance or cites AlGore at me... I'm just going to send them a copy. No more debate, just "Here, go watch this and leave me alone."

Hmm. Wonder if I can get a copy into Gore's own hot little hands?

Anyway- Watch. Learn. Understand the myriad ways in which you have been deceived.

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