Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hot Priests??? Huh?

Okay. For the record? I have no problem with pretty priests. In fact? I'd probably enjoy mass a little more with a handsome young priest to look at. Purely aesthetics, right? Just as I enjoy beautiful cathedrals and beautiful music, I can see myself definitely appreciating a beautiful priest.

But Blogger AtHomeInRome had such an interesting link up I felt I had to discuss it over here. Because somebody has decided that hot priests, in Priest-of-the-month-format, is the next big thing in calendars.

ooh, boy. I'm not at all sure what I think about this. It seems... unseemly. And yet? I sort of want to look at the rest of the pictures.

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Dancer On Ice said...

On the one hand...yeah, anyone else feel like they got fifty years in Purgatory just for looking, and on the other hand...well, every time that cute American priest comments on Fox News I sigh and think "Another Father What-a-Waste". Seriously, they tell us to find nice Catholic boys, and where are the nice Catholic boys? In the seminary.