Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's only Murder when it's not done by the mother?

Clearly I need to spend more time reading blogs. Because somehow I missed this last week.

A Virginia court has decided that it's okay for a woman to murder her baby during labor. That's right. Third trimester, when it's typically illegal to kill an unborn baby. Unless you're its mother, apparently. There was no antiseptic doctor's office, there was no "medical procedure" euphemism... there was only a bullet fired into her abdomen as labor commenced. A child was murdered in a parking lot by its "mother" and the state has seen fit to call this an "abortion." And despite the fact that third trimester abortions are supposed to be illegal there, this one is okay. That's right. It's okay to "abort" your baby in the third trimester, in Virginia, if the means implemented are a pistol in a parking lot.

This hideous woman, this wretched excuse for a human being, is raising two other children. My first thought is for them, not their poor murdered sibling. Because what does it say to you, to know that your mother killed your sib? I wonder, were they looking forward to the new baby? Did she have a nursery set up, had she let any of them feel the baby move? What did it mean to them when Mommy left, not to go to the hospital, but to kill one of their number?

If there is any justice in this world, the state will remove both of them from her care, and some kind family will raise them as their own. Because these children have no mother. No mother would do this awful thing. As her baby moved inside her, preparing to be born into this world, she shot it dead.

She is evil. She is unholy and rotten to her core, and should have spent the remainder of her life in a prison cell. What she did should be unacceptable to any thinking, feeling human being. That we even have to discuss whether what she did was a crime, is a sign of how far our society has fallen into the Culture of Death and Murder.

How can she walk the streets of her town, when people know what she has done? Does anyone speak to her? Look at her? Or do they cross the street to avoid contact with someone so horribly inhumane?

Because I would. I would have to avoid her, if only to avoid the temptation to spit upon her.

May she never ever cross my path. Because I lack the compassion of my faith; I cannot find it in my heart to pray for her, only for her babies.

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Soozcat said...

Is there not something mentally twisted about that obit? "Ascended into heaven" rather than "shot to death in the womb by her mother."

I, too, felt sorriest for her two other children. It's got to do something to your psyche when you realize that Mom killed your new baby sister, and that she might just has easily have chosen to kill you before you were born, with no serious repercussions.

I don't hate this woman, though; I just think she's pathetic. Certain parts of this story indicate to me that she has extremely poor decision-making skills and even worse impulse control. This woman is either too drugged or too stupid to handle her own life wisely, much less the lives of the children she's haphazardly brought into the world.

Is that judgmental? Oh well.