Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bizarro World- Ornithophobe tries on liberal groupthink for a moment.

So let me get this straight- we're only in support of stem-cell research when it kills embryonic babies, right? I know, I know- but it gets so confusing. I mean, the only stem cell trials that have actually KILLED anybody so far involved embryonic stem cells. And the only successful uses of stem cell research so far have involved ADULT stem cells. But it's very important to preserve the right to harvest baby bits. It's a matter of "choice", y'know. Our bodies, ourselves, and all that. Oh, wait- there is no ban on using embryonic stem cells in research? There's only been a ban on using taxpayer funds to do it? You can still hire someone to cut up baby bits for your research if you want to pay for it?

The "Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act" (the bill to sponsor alternative stem cell research-that doesn't actually KILL anybody, born or unborn) was sponsored by Santorum and Spector, an unlikely combination under any circumstances. The efforts to defeat it were led by republican Mike Castle, who shames his party by helping to sponsor a bill that would spend my money and yours on embryonic stem cell research. You know, research that kills babies. And teenagers. And apparently will injure/kill lots of other people. (See "Medical risks of embryonic stem cells (including ES cells in TC) " about halfway down this page. )

Wow. Unless I had read about this stuff online, I would never have known any of that.

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