Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Tech-Savvy Congresscritter...

This is SUCH a great idea!

Okay... So they make more money than God. I know they can afford their own Ipods. But frankly, so many of our legislators are a trifle, erm... elderly. They're set in their ways, they dislike change. And the only folks that have their ear right now are the MPAA and the RIAA.

We need to change that.

Ipods are so simple a child can work them. My nine year old mastered the intricacies of Podkayne (my own Ipod Photo) in a matter of minutes, without a booklet, an FAQ, or a tutorial. Put one of these babies into the hands of every senator, every representative, and they may finally understand what is at stake, what vital technical advances these corporate behemoths hope to quash and stifle.

I'm thinking bake sale. We can call it "Buy Congress a Clue" and we'll have little napster-head icons iced onto the cupcakes. Oooh. And those little circle-slash logo thingies around RIAA and MPAA? We'll put those on the cookies...

I could get entirely too excited about this.

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